Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Had to dance.

Ok. I finally gave in to the peer pressure and cranked up my copy of "Off The Wall." All the way through and LOUD. This is the part where I sound like everyone else and say how I'm reminded that Michael Jackson was a genius. His collaborations with Quincy Jones shook the world. I had the pleasure of spending an evening with John Robinson (the drummer on Off The Wall) and many scotches. He still lit up with excitement talking about those sessions, especially Rock With You. If you know John, you know he can be a little......cynical (I'm being polite) about the biz but having been on that album still makes him proud. Not of his performance, but of being part of something so outside of anything to do with himself. This is what making music should be about. Rock With You is my favorite pop drum track of all time. My wife wasn't home while I was cranking the MJ and it made me want to dance. I did. You'll never see it happen, and my beagles will never say what it looks like. When I stopped I was truly sad, not only for how Michael Jackson's life played out, but because I think he did it.

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